About Us



No dealer has ever imported true luxury in the form of a motor coach

until now. Simply because no other dealer understands the pursuit of

Luxury like the men and women of Dream Coach RV. Here at Dream

Coach RV, we’re especially proud of our luxury distinction. Innovation

is in our blood, craftsmanship flows through our pores and patriotism

fuels our commitment. Come discover our American story, one of

innovation in a world of Elite Luxury RV’s. The American Freedom is

calling You. Let our luxury move you in ways you’ve never seen before.

Dream Coach RV’s offers the finest luxury coach’s in the marketplace

today. Class Leading, Class B motorhomes. 

Dream Coach RV features a luxury lineup that sets the bar in modern

motorhome design. Simply put, you won’t find a more contemporary

motor coach on the road today, Period! Dream Coach RV has assembled

some of the sleekest styling luxury Motor Coach’s with the undeniable

comforts of a luxury home. The result — You’ll never look so good on

the road.

Discover the brands of Motor Coach’s the industry considers

synonymous with other American luxury brands.